Carl Stahl Balancers

About Us

Carl Stahl Evita Ltd offers a fantastic range of Zero Gravity Balancers and Retractors which covers a variety of applications.

There are three distinct types of balancer units which are:

  • Retractors
  • Balancers
  • Electric Zero Gravity Balancers


Carl Stahl Retractors are designed so the retractive force increases in direct proportion to the cable extension. Thus, the working load is automatically retracted to its original position after use. This clears the workplace for other tools and materials. The slow rate of retracting force guarantees working accuracy.


Carl Stahl Balancers are characterised by a cone shaped cable drum. This feature ensures the retractive force remains constant across the entire cable extension length. As a result the attached load remains suspended in any working position. Since there is no retracting force increase, this ensures minimal worker fatigue and enables high working accuracy, even over long periods.

Electric Zero Gravity Balancers

This device has an automatic load sensing control which means the operator need only attach the hook to the load and use the control to lift, lower and suspend the load in any position desired. The Electric Zero Gravity Balancer is so easy to operate; it can be done so with one hand! The unit is produced with two operating handles; one of which has a ‘motorbike’ grip to control the lifting and lowering and the other works only by the use of your hand to make the upward movement to operate the unit making this even easier to use.